Share A Smile Initiative

The Share a Smile Initiative is a program that is funded by our patients through their regular dental fees. This is part of the value-offering we provide our patients. Just by being a patient at Bend Dental Wellness, they are helping build our community while pursuing their own path of wellness. In addition to our patients funding the program, they also get the opportunity to nominate the people we treat. For some of our friends, the cost of dental care can be just out of reach. This could be a hard working mother, who always puts her own needs last. Or a friend that is struggling to make ends meet and dental care hasn’t made the cut. Help us Share A Smile with the people we care for the most in our lives.


The Share a Smile Initiative is through application only. It may also require a waiting period of up to 12 months. This means it may not be the best option for urgent dental needs. Our program is based on fulfilling basic dental needs, and not all cases will be accepted by our program.

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