We Treat People, Not Just Teeth

At Bend Dental Wellness, we advocate for our patient’s health by providing holistic dental care with compassion, excellence, and integrity.

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Why choose Bend Dental Wellness?

We strive to do more than just create beautiful smiles. We want to help the person behind the smile to be as healthy as they can be. Our wellness-focused approach will give you the information you need to make informed choices regarding your health.


Crafted Care

Careful, thorough, thoughtful diagnosis for customized and individualized preventive care recommendations that are based on your risk factors and goals for your health.



Compassionate team of professionals and a relaxing atmosphere to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.


Commitment to

Focus on achieving optimal quality treatment that will last a lifetime.


Transparency and

We take pride in utilizing advanced technology to involve patients in  collaborative treatment planning to ensure their treatment fits their goals for quality and budget.

Patient‌ ‌Feedback‌ 

rachel wood
rachel wood
October 6, 2023
I’ve been coming to this office for a few years now and I just love this entire team! I recently had a tooth removed and Dr. Q went above and beyond on his day off to make sure I got taken care of with some extra antibiotics. Every time I’m there the staff is smiling and happy which makes for such an easy going experience! Madison is so easy to talk to along with Sarah, Christa, and Christine being the best hygienists around! Kyla at the front desk is just the nicest! I can’t say one bad thing about this place and highly recommend using them for all your dental services!
Kelly Warne
Kelly Warne
October 5, 2023
Awesome staff and Dr. Quigley is the best dentist I've ever been to! Highly recommend
Wes Meyers
Wes Meyers
September 29, 2023
No waiting. Clean and safe environment. Thorough cleaning. Entertaining and pleasant discussion.
Steve Stephenson
Steve Stephenson
September 27, 2023
This is the best dental experience I have ever had. Unparalleled expertise and care. Dr Quigley found an issue missed by other dentists for years that clearly needed to be addressed. Great communication by the doctor and excellent care by the staff.
Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott
September 25, 2023
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Q and his team at Bend Dental Wellness. Their dental knowledge and expertise is first class, but moreover the importance they place on really knowing and caring about the patient is second to none. I'm very grateful to be their patient.
tom pinckard
tom pinckard
September 8, 2023
Christine is the best
Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch
September 7, 2023
I’m very pleased all around. Excellent team.
Barbara Lang
Barbara Lang
September 2, 2023
Always friendly and welcoming, and gentle care.

Meet the Team


Our exceptional team is comprised of passionate individuals that care about your overall health. We believe that building relationships with our patients is crucial for creating a level of trust and understanding. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and carefully craft a treatment plan that’s centered around what’s most important: you. When you visit us for your dental care, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands!

Dr. Blake Quigley

Dr. Blake Quigley graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry where he was recognized by his peers and the faculty for restorative and prosthodontic excellence. After dental school, he commissioned in the United States Navy and was stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his contributions in restorative and comprehensive care and leading the integration of Digital Dentistry and CEREC technologies.

While in dental school and serving in the military, he has participated in numerous volunteer medical mission trips providing emergency and restorative dental treatment to underserved populations. He has traveled to Jamaica, El Salvador, and rural communities in Eastern Carolina. He hopes to add more to that list in the years to come. Traveling has been very rewarding for him and has helped him to gain perspective. He is a member of the following organizations and educational communities: American Dental Association, American Dental Association Advisory Circle, Kois Center, Wellness Dentistry Network.

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Dr. Brad Tucker

Dr. Tucker is the program director for our Share a Smile Initiative. He earned his BA in economics from Western Washington University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Washington. He was a part of a small group of students who participated in the Regional Initiatives in Dental Education (RIDE). This program focused on treating patients in rural communities with an emphasis on oral surgery and community healthcare. He has been practicing dentistry for over five years and spends 10 days per year serving on foreign humanitarian dental trips.

He is passionate about dentistry because it gives him the opportunity to build relationships with his patients and to help them keep and restore their oral health. He believes it is a rewarding profession and is happy to be a part of it. He aims to be completely transparent with his patients. When there is a problem, he likes to discuss all possible treatment options, as well as the possible outcomes. He wants his patients to choose a treatment based on what is best for them individually.

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Our Professional Dental Services

Our services range from routine care to full-mouth restorations to cosmetic smile makeovers, and more. We create your treatment plans based on what’s best for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a lifetime of great health!


Even if you don’t have any pressing dental concerns, it’s still important to visit the dentist for your biannual checkups. This gives us a chance to catch any issues while they’re still small and provide you with thorough, professional teeth cleaning to remove any built-up plaque before it causes cavities or gum disease.


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If your teeth need some extra TLC, we’re here to help. We have a range of restorative treatments to restore your smile’s health, beauty, and functionality. Whether you have missing, damaged, painful, or decayed teeth, our skilled team can work with you to regain your oral health.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our smiles are often linked with first impressions, and we want you to be able to make great ones. We offer cosmetic dentistry to take your smile to the next level and boost your self-confidence. From the color to the shape to the size of your teeth, we can help you transform your smile in nearly any way you can imagine.


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Full Mouth Restorations

Implants Services

We place and restore dental implants. With our advanced 3D imaging capability and surgical setup, we perform customized guided dental implant surgeries that allow for highly accurate and predictable dental implant placement.


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Invisalign and Clear Aligner

Orthodontic treatment manages the growth and correction of dental and facial structures. Orthodontics is commonly used in the treatment of bite problems, including abnormal tooth wear, TMJ problems, and smile esthetics. Treatment is aimed at changing the position of the teeth.


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Pediatric (We See Kids)

We see families and kids of all ages. We offer a full range of pediatric services and believe that the sooner your child develops a trusting relationship with their forever dentist, the better! We also offer office tours or a get to know you visit for any children that may be anxious or nervous about their first dental visit.


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Treatment of TMJ (TMD)

A jaw joint problem arises when the temporomandibular joint, or “TMJ” connecting your lower jaw to the base of your skull becomes painful and is unable to function normally. People with jaw joint problems may not be able to open or close their mouths fully or chew hard, sticky foods. They may also experience painful clicking or popping when they attempt to open and close their mouth.


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Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation Dentistry is one of the available methods of sedation and utilizes pills or liquid medications. The desired result is a pleasant and relaxed experience with little memory of the dental procedures. 


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Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the surrounding bone and gum. Extracting, or “pulling,” a tooth in adults is done for a variety of reasons. Often, extractions are necessary because a tooth is so severely damaged from decay or trauma that it cannot be saved. Sometimes the nerve in a tooth dies and the tooth, as well as the gum and bone around it, become severely infected. Other times people’s mouths are not large enough to fit all their teeth, as is often the case with wisdom teeth.  


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