What is Holistic Dentistry?


Our approach to Holistic Dental Care considers how our oral health affects our whole body, and vice versa.  We treat oral problems by focusing on all aspects of your oral health.  We focus on not just what problems or conditions have developed, but why they have developed.  We provide evidence-based dental care based on individualized risk assessments, by doing so we can improve whole-body health.  

Patient getting her amalgam removed
Amalgam Removal

Amalgam Free and Safe Amalgam Removal


Our practice is amalgam free. We offer removal and replacement of silver fillings that are unhealthy or pose risk to the patient’s health. We utilize SAFE amalgam removal principles to minimize exposure to patients and our team during these procedures.


Biocompatible Dental Materials


We always review options for dental restorative materials with our patients to ensure we are offering you the safest materials possible that you feel good about what you are putting in your body.  We can help you to select materials that have been shown clinically to be the most biologically friendly and biocompatible for your mouth and body. 

CTx4 Treatment Rinse and Gel 5000

Beyond the Repair Model


Many patients and healthcare providers get stuck in a frustrating cycle of repair model dentistry. A cavity develops, a filling is placed, a tooth cracks, a crown is done. This can lead to significant time and investment without actually improving a patient’s health. Our approach is to diagnose why problems arise, then fix them.


If for example, a cavity develops, we may conduct a caries risk assessment that evaluates a patient’s diet, saliva pH and mineral content, oral bacterial load, fluoride exposure, sources of intrinsic and extrinsic acidity and then begins treatment to address the underlying causes of why that patient developed a cavity in the first place. By treating the root causes of disease we can improve a patient’s oral health and see longer-lasting more successful dental treatments. It is in this way that our comprehensive risk-assessment and custom-crafted preventive recommendations can help move patient’s move beyond the repair model of dentistry and improve their oral health and long-term outcomes.

Biomimetic Dentistry1
Biomimetic Dentistry2

Biomimetic Dentistry


Biomimetic Dentistry focuses on replicating the physical and esthetic characteristics and properties of our natural teeth. We focus on placing dental restorations that are as close as possible anatomically, esthetically, and functionally to our natural teeth.


Utilizing biomimetic preparation and restorative principles, we can preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, and maximize opportunities to preserve pulp vitality. This allows for the most conservative and long-lasting restorations possible.

Damaged teeth
3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Minimally Invasive Tooth Preparations


We utilize a combination of traditional and contemporary tooth preparation techniques to make our tooth preparations as minimally invasive as possible. These techniques can also minimize the amount and dosages of local anesthetic necessary to keep you comfortable during your procedures.

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DNA, pH and Bacterial Load Testing


For high-risk patients, we can utilize advanced diagnostic testing to determine the root cause of cavities, periodontal disease, or tooth wear. By utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques we can do less dentistry and in some cases prevent problems from worsening before treatment is needed.

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