We take great pride in staying on the leading edge of dentistry. Our advanced technology allows us to effectively diagnose, educate, and create custom dental solutions for every patient. Our goal is to create an informative environment where our team and our patients collaborate to come up with treatment plans that are perfect for each individual. An investment in technology is a worthwhile investment in the total wellness of our patients!


Comfortable Atmosphere


We offer a comfortable and compassionate environment for every visit that includes noise-cancelling headphones and streaming entertainment so you can relax.

Digital, 3D X-Rays


Digital X-rays produce less radiation compared to traditional X-rays and provide almost-instant, detailed digital imaging. We offer 3D and digital radiography to give our team an in-depth look into our patients’ oral health and to help our patients better understand their diagnoses and treatment plans.

Holistic Dental Care Photo
Patient getting her tooth extracted

Isolite® Patient Comfort System


Isolite is a soft, cushy mouthpiece that gently holds our patients’ mouths open while we work. In addition to giving us enough room to perform our treatments, the Isolite system also illuminates the mouth and suctions excess saliva to improve patient comfort and reduce treatment times across the board.

Intraoral Cameras


We utilize intraoral cameras to show our patients a dentist’s view of their mouths in order to educate them about their oral health and any dental issues they may have. Our team believes in transparency and our intraoral cameras are one of the many tools that we use to ensure that our our patients feel well-informed regarding their dental healthcare decisions.

3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Patient‌ ‌Feedback‌ 

Alex Dreifke
Alex Dreifke
September 23, 2020.
I had a great experience here. Everyone was super nice and seemed personally interested in me as a person as well as my oral health. My teeth feel super clean, and it was overall a great experience. Definitely recommended!
Jess S
Jess S
September 12, 2020.
I went in for my first appointment and Dr Quigley and his staff were very kind and welcoming. The entire appointment was a “getting to know you” type visit with a super thorough exam/assessment, including lots of photos for a record and visual to assure everyone is on the same page. They seem very concerned with making it a pleasurable experience and environment, wanting their patient to feel safe and at ease. I look forward to working with them.
Anna Nelson
Anna Nelson
August 12, 2020.
I moved to Bend and needed a new dentist. I ended up with Dental Wellness of Bend and have to say, that I really love the practice and the whole team. My dentist, Dr. Quigley, is really great! He makes you feel so comfortable even when you are a little nervous and I definitely feel very well taken care of there. I think they do a great job. The routine exams and cleanings are very thorough and they definitely don't miss anything!
Jayson Carte
Jayson Carte
August 11, 2020.
They are always very nice, the prices are great, and the clinic was a immaculately clean.
July 15, 2020.
I wasn't an established patient and called with a dental emergency. They got me in quickly. I was terrified and having a full meltdown and these wonderful people were calm to my chaos and so patient with me. I was a wreck and they were so compassionate. They were not just there to fix my broken molar but to help me, as a distraught person, get though this. Thank you!
Christine Keeth
Christine Keeth
June 30, 2020.
An office that is using the latest technology to diagnose. I've had two cleanings and understand what work will be needed. Service is prompt and friendly.
Jan Saxton
Jan Saxton
June 25, 2020.
Friendly, caring and professional. I highly recommend this office.
Lola Hill
Lola Hill
June 16, 2020.
Very sweet and personable crew, also very informative and not quick to recommend any unnecessary treatments! Thank you!!

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